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"From hesitant to happy!!  I was a little nervous when I approached Kathy to help me purge 20 years of accumulated stuff. I was overwhelmed and realized it would take me FOREVER do this myself. I was anxious; what about all my family memories, lots and lots of memories and life treasures…or were they? Is she going to make me get rid of them? Not the case at all. Kathy was so professional and sat down with me first thing to go through my anxieties and put my mind at ease.  After that it took 1 hour to realize the benefit and 3 days to feel liberated!! I was able to purge over 50% of the stuff/junk/unnecessary things/things someone else could actually use, leaving only the true memories and treasures that brought happiness to my life. I packed 6 boxes for my now grown daughter and granddaughter with a gentle nudge from Kathy, and every room she went through there was a process; she laid everything out and had me go through it to 1) keep, and if I kept box it or organize it; 2) throw it away; or 3) give it away. I never thought I would see the floor or door in my laundry room again. By the time she was done not only could I see them, she cleaned and organized what was left. She even gave me several ideas for condensing memories from a box in a closet into useable items. Worth every penny and what a great experience! Thank you Organize This n That and thank you Kathy!"

-Sue K

“We were moving to a new state and downsizing so I had Kathy help us both BEFORE and AFTER the big move. She helped us clean and purge our stuff before the movers packed us…they even told me I was ‘the most organized person they have ever packed’ (credit goes to Kathy!). Once we got into our new home she helped unpack, streamline and organize our belongings to help us fit our new space. She made a stressful process much easier by moving quickly, which ultimately made us feel more settled and at home! She even came back a year later and helped us reassess our system to see what was still working and what we needed to adjust now that we were in our routine!! Now my kitchen, laundry room, and all my closets are organized and functional, she is a pro!!”

- Janna M.

“Kathy helped us fit two families into our townhome - a huge undertaking! Living in a multi-generational house has its pros and cons but we are all able to operate seamlessly with the system Kathy put in place - Staying organized is a breeze!”

- Natalie A

“We recently upgraded our kitchen and finally installed a much needed pantry. We used Kathy to help us figure out how to best utilize our new kitchen layout…especially with all the baby/kids stuff that can sometimes feel like its taking over! The pantry is organized and my girls know where to find their things. Kathy helped us reduce lots of tears for both mom and the kids!”

- Nicole F.

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